Ademnood, psst...

Ademnood is written on the wall in foil, this room is often used for presentations. It means short of breath. It can only be seen in certain light, just how you can suddenly feel short of breath during presentations.

The Bending Tree

The Bending Tree

The Bending Tree. A clothing hanger made for a made up clothing brand.

Letters of wood

Typography in the trees.

Night and Day

The poster I made for a exhibition in school, called Night and Day.

Stamp book

A book I designed and bound about stamps.

Letter poster

A poster about handwritten type.

© Katja de Vries


Pictures made with my old camera's.

Lubitel 2 picture

Lubitel 2 picture

Lubitel 2 picture

Lubitel 2 picture

Lubitel 2 picture

Lubitel 2 picture

Coverdesign for the VPRO tv guide, the theme was love for paper. I decided to show the side of books that's less appreciated, although they're still all different.

Removing human influence from pictures. Using bleach I made a series of photo's removing human influence from pictures. These I like best!


Stop motion movies and experiments made during my education at The Hague, the KABK.


Pictures made with old box or folding camera's.

Portrait series

A series of photo's, people merging.



A portrait series, of Pieke Stuvel.