My name is Katja de Vries. After high school I went to The Hague's KABK to follow a preperational course (of one year), I graduated in 2012 in the department of Graphic Design.

After this I started in the second year of the bachelor illustration at the KASK, in Ghent. And in 2016 I finished my masters in illustration there too.

I'm always trying to gather new knowledge and skills on different materials, techniques and fields. Such as wood, metal, fabrics, laser cutting, bookbinding, metal and web design.

Recently I've started to smith silver, thanks to Arnold van Dodewaard for teaching me!

© Katja de Vries


18 December, 2016: Etsy team Ghent Christmas market.

27 November, 2016: Let's Lousart Ghent.

14 & 15 August, 2016: Etsy team Ghent market.

11 till 18 July, 2016: My shop during the Zebrastraat pop-up market.

25 & 26 June, 2016: Ghentmade, on Copacabana, Ghent (Sint-Amandsberg).

30 April, 2016: Etsy team Ghent market, Ghent.

28 Febuary, 2016: Let's Lousart, Ghent.

12 & 13 December, 2015: Zelfgemaakte (kerst)markt, Utrecht.

27 September 2015: Seinfestijn, Haarlem (NL).

20 September 2015: Swan Market, Antwerp.

5 September, 2015: Ghentmade, In de Ruimte, Ghent.

29 August 2015: Zelfgemaakte markt, Utrecht.

1 & 2 August: Exposition of 'Het Virtuele Museum', at Seelevel gallery, Amsterdam.

5 July 2015: Le Bazarre, Utrecht.

2014 & 5 September 2015: Ghentmade, Ghent.

3 & 4 November 2012: Kunstlijn weekend.

30 June - 7 July 2012: Graduation exhibition I've build a real wooden house in which I've shown my graduation project, an image book about my lucid dreams.

22 March - 15 April 2012: Exposition at Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York.

April 2011 - September 2011: Internship at Werkplaats Amsterdam!

2010: Kirsten Smit and I designed three art solutions for an elevator shaft at the busstop Bornholm.


Please feel free to contact me via mail: katja@katjadevries.nl